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The Yellow Owl Workshop

I have to share a newly discovered company with you all.

The Yellow Owl Workshop! This whimsical little shop has gotten me all stamp crazy (beware) and I now all I want to do is stamp up a storm. My friend Aly over at The Fresh Issue, brought me a little gift this weekend when I had all my girlfriends over for a meet and greet with Grace.

It’s the recipe card stamp you seen here:

It makes me happy to add little recipe cards with a stamp to my growing collection of hand written recipes. Those are the best, ya know? The ones from your Mom’s Mom that are grease stained and soft from so much handling, the ones that are printed neatly in cursive from some distant relative who lives far away. The tried and true paper recipes you will absolutely never let go of. And I’m a tech junkie so that’s saying something. No app or gadget will ever replace a hand written recipe card.  My Mom’s collection of hand written recipes is quite extensive and a collection I’m hoping to inherit someday (someday as in someday in the far, far, far, far, far, far… ok you get it… far future!).  She knows those recipes by type and size of paper and type of handwriting.  I will always be able to hear her say, “It’s on the little pink note card, written on both sides in neat and tiny cursive, do you see it? No a lighter pink note card, smaller writing.”

And isn’t there something nice about giving a hand written recipe?  (Not to mention receiving one!) It’s like a thank you note- it takes little effort to send an email or text [gasp], to copy paste already written paragraphs, but to sit down for just a few extra moments and take the time to hand write a recipe on a nice card, stamp it, and mail it out- there’s a little more feeling there, a little more love. That is, after all, why you’re sharing the recipe right?

Never you mind that the first recipe you see in this photo is typed and printed… that’s just the way my husband rolls if ya know what I mean…

Such a cute stamp. But look what else The Yellow Owl has to offer:

The Yellow Owl Workshop has so many other cute stamps as well. Like this sweet little coastal scene above. How happy would it make you feel to receive a note with a little hand stamping at the top or bottom? This would be perfect!

Or a one stamp fits all invitation block? This could be used for so many things in so many ways!

Brown paper packaging with a stamped gift tag? Yes, please.

And a sweet little place card marker.

And the ever classic owl.

Get your own over at The Yellow Owl Workshop and start stamping! (You’re welcome.)

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One thought on “The Yellow Owl Workshop

  1. TheCreaterie on said:

    oh my gosh! stop… everything looks so cute! I knew this was the perfect gift for you🙂 so glad you have already put it to such good use xo

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