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I wish you could see me right now.

God is looking down through our car and laughing at my not so small behind squished into the very, very small middle spot of our backseat. It’s amazing how little space there really is between two carseats. And my handsome hubby is in the drivers seat, also squished with his knees up towards the dashboard so miss Gracie’s carseat sits properly on the cushion. Denver looks happy (but who knows for sure?) squished onto the front seat- his own behind taking up most of the armrest room while his big old body just flops any which way it pleases. Poor guy. He wasn’t designed for sedan’s.

I’ve got a stream of funny road trip photos clogging up my instagram if you wanna check them out @jdudtmulzet. (Instagram is a free photo oriented social networking app you can download for your iPhone or droid) Because this is the stuff that really needs documentation, right?

At least my little girls are happy, each comfortable in their slice of the car. I’m stocked with amo for the ensuing meltdowns- books, crayons, movies, snacks, drinks, bottles, paci’s, poop bags- you name it I’ve got it.

And hooray for iPhones because I’m writing my very first post from the comfort of our car.

I was so excited, yesterday, to take my girls over to my new school, the Euro Academy. We got to see the finished space for the first time and it completely blew me away. Judging from Lilly’s reaction, little munchkins are going to love it there.
The owner and her super adorable daughter were there to greet us and we got to meet one of the teachers.
I snapped some photos with my phone so go ahead and take a look!















Amazing, don’t you think?

Shoot me an email or leave a comment if you want more information on the school. It’s going to be a wonderful, creative environment for our youngest munchkins when we open in the Fall!

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2 thoughts on “Squish

  1. ali shoup on said:

    sooo cute! send me some info on the school! I was just offered an elementary art position in Alexandria, VA!

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