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Wordy Wednesday: Little Pea

Every Wednesday I will post a great book for you and your child to read together. There will often be a simple craft or activity to go with it to further promote reading comprehension, vocabulary, and communication.

Today’s selection is an adorable story about a little green vegetable that is a favorite in our house:

Click here to purchase.

My daughter, Lilly, eats frozen peas every evening straight from the freezer. We discovered when she was very little- pre teethe and all that- that peas never become rock hard when frozen. They stay mushy but just get really cold (duh). We’ve tried ’em warmed with butter and parmesan cheese but to no avail. She wants them frozen. Works for me!

At first you might be shocked at the concept of this book. Little Pea eats candy (gasp) for dinner! But read on, my friends. Mommy Pea and Daddy Pea supply spinach for dessert. Phew.

This book also has some great counting moments (how many pieces does Little Pea have to eat for dinner?) and good spots to point out color (what color is the Pea family? what colors are the candy? what color is the spinach?).

Don’t worry- everyone lives hap-pea-ly ever after. Wink, wink.

Now for our Perfect Pea-Project Please (I can’t help it).

You will need:

Green construction paper.

White construction paper.


Candy (flat candies work best). If you do not want to have real candy out just use colored paper or buttons. No judgement!

Green tissue paper (or if you realize you don’t have green tissue paper at the last minute- anything else that’s green. I went with a shiny green cupcake wrapper).

If your child is too young for scissors, as mine is, or you have poke-your-eye-out-nightmares, pre cut 3 circles (Mommy Pea, Daddy Pea, and Little Pea). You could cut more circles if you want to include Baby Sister Pea as I decided to do.

Put a dab of glue on the back of each pea and let your child place them on the white paper (anywhere). Then help them add eyes and a mouth to each pea with a dark marker. You could add hairbows if your pea looks a little too green. Give ’em a mohawk. Whatever makes you happy.

Then help your child count out five pieces of candy. Discuss the book again. How many pieces does Little Pea have to eat? Count together. Talk about the colors. Help them glue the candies to the white paper.

Finally, add the spinach. Crumple up some green tissue and glue it in a little pile to the white paper. You could draw the bowl, or leave it in a heap. If I could, I would have let Lilly sprinkled glitter all over- just for fun- but glitter is a big no-no in my household.

In the words of my two year old, “Daddy would be mad Mommy!”

And ta-da! Our finished master-pea-ce! (too easy).

Got a great kids book suggestion for my Wordy Wednesday posts? A family favorite that your child would like to make a craft about? Leave me a comment! We are always on the hunt for new books to read!

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