The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood

Don’t Bite Your Friends (and other family lessons)

My family’s favorite (and most useful?) life lesson so far has been, “Don’t bite your friends” courtesy of the creatures from Yo Gabba Gabba land. It’s kind of a joke now- I’ll say something like, “Lilly, please don’t climb on the cabinet.” and Brandon will say, “…and don’t bite your friends.”

But honestly, you live and you learn, right?

We spent the evening in the emergency clinic with Lilly after she dislocated her elbow at home playing with Daddy on the deck. What kid doesn’t love to hold hands with an adult, climb up their legs and flip through their arms? It’s kind of a right of passage for childhood and something I remember doing all the time as a kid.

Well, this time, these types of flips caused a dislocated elbow, a very unhappy toddler, and very very upset Daddy. Poor Brandon. I mean, these things happen all the time. It’s nobody’s fault. Kids get hurt, fall down, break things… I couldn’t make him feel any better about it. But you live and you learn and you realize that swinging kids around by their little underdeveloped chicken arms sometimes isn’t the greatest idea on the planet.

Luckily for us, Lilly hammed it up in her usual fashion, demanding a doctor visit (not that we weren’t going to take her anyway), and prancing around the clinic like she owned the place. While her hurt little arm hung limp at her side, she walked around chatting with the nurses, and making conversation with all the people in the waiting room.

She was telling everyone, “Hi, I broke my arm” with the saddest little face you’ve ever seen. Then saying, “I’m so sorry this happened to me” with a frown to match. Our little actress doesn’t skip a beat.

The doctor popped her elbow back in before we even got a chance to tell him what had happened and while that initially caused some blood curdling screams- Lilly was A-OK and 100% better. We took her out for ice cream (guilty parents) and let her stay up later than she should have.

Before bed she looked up at her Daddy and said, “Daddy, I don’t want to do that again ok?” You got it babe.


Pre arm injury pizza eating…

“I broke my arm, Dad.”

Ice cream can fix anything.

Grace wanted in on the action.

Feeling good enough to dance in no time at all.


I’ve been busy busy lately with doctor’s appointments of my own (more updates to come if they ever figure out what’s actually wrong) on top of all the usual appointments for Grace so we’ve had little time for leisurely photo sessions. Luckily for me, my trusty iPhone is always there to capture our happy moments together and all of the sugar sweet smiles of summer. I love being with my girls, enjoying the garden, playing together. It’s these happy, special moments that make me feel so much joy. The stresses of our life are weighing on me lately but my girls are growing, learning, and experiencing so much right now and it’s impossible not to get caught up in the magic of it all.

We spend afternoons playing in the water table, making sand castles and diverting bugs away from the water.

Ice Pops are Lill’s favorite summer treat. She calls these hockey pops because she once got one at the Ice Rink with her Daddy. It’s funny what sticks in that girls mind…and oh gosh. That hair. Someday she will twist it and curl it, and straighten it and spray it, and braid it and brush it. But I will always remember those soft baby curls and feather light wisps that give me so much agony.

Can you find Mr. Hoppy?

Of course Denver butts in on the action as any bouncy puppy is supposed to. He really is a good dog (but don’t tell him I said that) and Lilly loves him dearly.

I’ve been organizing some scrap fabric to turn into twin quilts for the girls beds. I’m loving the idea lately of them having something handmade by Mommy to treasure forever.

Little miss Isla, one of the 4 girl cousins in our family.

Cousin baths are the best. So much fun!

Forever friends.

Love my little sister girls. So sweet to each other.

Stage ready.

Testing a hot pepper from the garden. First one of the season!

Gracie sits happily enjoying the outdoors while I swing with Lilly. We play polar bears and helicopter and all kinds of make believe games.

Trying on Mommy’s rain boots.

Finally filled up the sand box.

Where did my baby go? She looks like she’s ready for Kindergarten!

Sweet little baby can finally push up.

Finally got the logs in thanks to our good friend Jim.

Early morning snoozers.

Another scrap quilt project is in the works.

She takes over my spot every morning. Which I totally and completely love. I’ll probably cry when I can no longer reach into the bassinet and scoop out my sleepy little bundle to tuck into bed with me in the morning.


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