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Wordy Wednesday: Little Pookie

Every Wednesday I will post a great book for you and your child to read together. There will often be a simple craft or project to go with it to further promote reading comprehension, vocabulary, and communication.

*We’re traveling this week so are not in project mode. But this weeks book selection is still a keeper!*

Have you discovered this series yet? Little Pookie is our favorite little pig. And Sandra Boynton is hands down one of my favorite children’s book authors. Many of her board books were Lilly’s first favorites and are so worn out the pages are falling apart. That’s impressive for a short, 1-2 year shelf life!

Click here to purchase.

This is the story of a cute and sometimes mischievous little piglet that wears Daddy’s shirts (so funny to Lilly), eats macaroni and cheese, and loves to swing- among other fun things.

“Why who is this piglet? Little Pookie, that’s who! Let me tell you ten things that I know about you…”

Our project today, though, will not be about Little Pookie, it will be about yourself and your child.

You will need:

Paper- any size and color

Markers, crayons, pencils- any writing utensil you are comfortable letting your child use to decorate.

On the top of the paper, copy this sentence:

“Why who is this _________? Little _________ that’s who! Let me tell you ten things that I know about you!”

Fill it in however you want. Here’s what I did for Lilly:

“Why who is this minion? Little Lilly that’s who! Let me tell you ten things that I know about you!”

Then draw a line down the middle of your paper. We are going to copy down ten things about our child, and ask our child ten things they know about us. I’ve done this out loud with Lilly and it’s so funny sometimes what she says. You may get carried away and want to continue writing down what your child says about everyone in their house. Make sure you don’t write down what you think you know, write down only what they say. If they need help understanding the questions, give them a choice.

Instead of realizing your child does not yet understand the question and saying “Oh I know you like pink.” Ask your child, “Do you like pink or green more?” If they say pink ask them, “Do you like pink or blue more?” etc. etc. help them make decisions on their own.

1. What is your child’s favorite color?

2. What is your child’s favorite food?

3. What is your child’s favorite movie?

4. What is your child’s favorite thing to do at the playground?

5. What is your child’s favorite song?

6. Where is your child’s favorite place?

7. What is your child’s favorite flavor of ice cream?

8. What is your child’s favorite animal?

9. What is your child’s favorite fruit?

10. How old is your child?

These lists are lovely things to do occasionally and keep safe somewhere. They’ll make great additions to a scrap book one day, preserving a little slice of precious time.

Got a great kids book suggestion for my Wordy Wednesday posts? A family favorite that your child would like to make a craft about? Leave me a comment! We are always on the hunt for new books to read!

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