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Flubber and Making Lilly Cry

Flubber is a great squishy substance to whip up for your munchkins, especially neat-freak munchkins like mine who need to do more activities that promote acceptable mess making. I’m not sure why (or how) I came to be raising a kid phobic of messy hands but such is life I suppose (or just her individuality).

Mess can be fun!

Here’s the recipe:

(Hopefully your munchkins handle the phase change from liquid to solid ish better than mind did- clearly we were torturing her.)

That’s an original, tried and true recipe that my Mom’s been using with us since my brothers and I were pretty little. You might end up having more fun than your kids.

The beginning. Pre meltdown. Adding the glue to the warm water.

Still having fun… Lilly picked blue.

Watching the white substance turn blue was her favorite part.

It’s all downhill from here.

Uncle Mike is always good for a little comic relief. There’s no saving this project. Lilly’s had enough.

You’re never too old to fight over flubber.

Such a cool substance.

At least the adults had fun! Lilly ended up needing to be physically removed from the house to get her to calm down and we now can’t mention the “F” word (ahem, flubber) for fear of Lilly’s head exploding. Such is life!

-Yes the shirtless wonders do actually own shirts… somewhere… and have been seen on rare occasion wearing said shirts.

-Borax is a laundry detergent that comes in a white box usually near the bottom shelf at the grocery store or target, walmart, etc.





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One thought on “Flubber and Making Lilly Cry

  1. lovely shirtless men.

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