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You Make Me Laugh

Dearest Silly Lilly,

You are making me laugh this week! You are too smart for your own good and have a bigger vocabulary than some ten year old’s I’ve met.

Here is a list of my favorite Lilly-isms of the moment:

1. Is that ok with you mom? Say ok. Can I do that? Say yes. (This usually comes out of your mouth when you know something is not ok and that I’m most definitely going to say no.)

2. Do you, do you, do you? (I think this comes courtesy of Finding Nemo- Dori says this all the time.)

3. Your not my Mother. My Mom Mom’s my Mother- you are my Mommy, Momma! (The simple fact that my mother and I are interchangeable to you, that you love and are comfortable with either of us in the same way, is so special to me.)

4. That makes me feel cry. (You mean to say that makes you feel sad but I can’t correct you. It’s too cute.)

5. Yes, Aunt Haley, candy canes are a healthy snack. (We’re still working on this concept.)

6. Kiss in the water, mom! (No idea where this one came from but it’s what you say now every time you want a kiss.)

7. Not cool, man, not cool. (From Rio, so sassy coming out of your mouth.)

8. Roll it like a knee-use-pay-pah it’s my teldescope and I’m seein’ dolphins! (You demand that I do this with any paper that comes into contact with your hands. Junk mail, doctor’s visit summaries, scrap paper etc. it all becomes a newspaper and a telescope.)

9. I think poachers got my Denny (Denver the dog). (How the heck do you know what poachers are??)

10. Daddy do I have to get married today? (Now continually on your mind after attending your first wedding.)

No, Lilly girl, you do not have to get married today.

You do not have to grow up today.

You can stay little…

And stay sweet forever and ever.

Keep talking, sweet two year old, you make everyone smile!

Love always,
Mommy (and yes, I am your mother)

Oh, you make me laugh too little Gracie! Those ears…

Mommy loves you too!

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2 thoughts on “You Make Me Laugh

  1. sugarmusemag on said:

    Great photos! I laughed at “that makes me feel cry” LOL:) Cute.

    Cheers, Sugar Muse

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