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Magic Beans and Hockey Sticks

We were apparently channeling Jack and the Beanstalk when we plated our garden as the plants are now gigantic in size. They’ve all outgrown their original stakes and require continual tying at new heights.


To solve this problem, my genius husband decided to put all the broken hockey sticks he’s been collecting to good use. Thank God because they’ve been multiplying in our garage faster than rabbits.  Attaching them to the metal stakes already in the ground allowed for a good 4-6 feet of extra height for the plants to travel up. Lilly thought the hockey sticks poking up out of the greenery were absolutely hysterical (I think it kind of looks like a hockey stick graveyard). But either way they are working out wonderfully and I think it’s a nice little home grown touch- especially for our hockey obsessed family!

If you are a hockey player, fan, parent etc. then you also know that some hockey sticks are hollow- double plus! The hollow sticks act as little watering mechanisms. Brandon drilled some tiny holes in the shafts allowing for rain water to collect and slowly drip down to the roots of the plants.

We can now effortlessly pick tomatoes right off the deck (which, I’m not positive but I’m guessing is over eight feet off the ground). Lilly walks into the garden and the plants literally tower over her making her look so small. Next year we are going to encourage some more horizontal growth, after all, there are more places to go than up!

So proud.

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