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farm day 2012

First Annual Farm Day {2012}

In the interest of sharing all of the coming adorableness with you I have to admit that there are pictures in this set that have been adjusted. I’m still mildly clueless when it comes to using my camera (especially when there are kids going a mile a minute in every shot and I have no time to mess with settings) but I didn’t want you to miss the sweet little faces because of a little under or over exposure. What can I say? I’m a work in progress.

This past Tuesday, my Aunt Linda and her daughter Sarah implemented our first ever “Farm Day”: the gift of an experience (mostly for the little girls) instead of actual presents. I so, so, love this idea as these types of special days and memories are what my little girls will remember the most about their childhoods.

The first activity set up, to kick off Farm Day, were these adorable little foam frames and foam farm animals. (Well actually the kick off involved homemade caramel frappes but that’s neither here nor there.) They had sticky backs like stickers and were the perfect thing for the girls to decorate their frames. I was surprised how easily they were able to peal off the backs and stick them all over the borders. Cam and Isla decided to move their craft making toward the front door, but we all had a good time watching the girls pick and chose animals, and talk about what they were doing. The perfect little keepsake to pop a photo in to remember Farm Day.

This was serious business.

Little Isla, sneaking up the stairs. These two girls, Cameran and Isla, are my cousins kids- so I guess our second cousins?  Their talented Mommy runs her own health and wellness company, New Leaf Wellness, and is such a good friend. But for all intensive purposes they are all just “cousins” to us, thankfully living close by so all of our girls can grow up together. One of my favorite things to do is watch all four of the girls interact together. The older they all get the cuter their play and interaction becomes. Four little best friends!

Those crystal eyes kill me.

Someone tagged Gracie with a Foamie! Getting some love from Aunt Linda and GodMommy Sarah.

The girl and her damn boots. If they weren’t so freakin’ cute I would take them and hide them as they are a total and complete walking hazard. She had quite the time trying to get down the steps while holding a bowl of tulip bulbs. Which brings us to activity number two.

Planting tulips in the green house! Cam was ready and waiting.

Cameran makes the best faces.

Isla was not so sure about all of this.

Three little ducks all in a row. Oh how nice to have cousins!

Checking out proper tulip planting technique.

Oooooh dear. Stop everything. Queen Bee’s hand got dirty. On a “Farm”. Imagine that.

Very concerned (dirt was spilling).

Next, the girls needed to drown water the strawberry plants. Thank goodness for your rain barrel, Uncle Jeff!

I should put these two to work in the garden. They’ve got that watering business down to a science. (Sorry strawberries, you might have met your demise.)

The beautiful garden.

And the veggie picking begins!

Lilly picked every, single, vegetable she could find.

She even gave the “baby pepper” to baby Grace.

Grace prayed and prayed for the pepper to grow… but it just didn’t happen.

Had to periodically unload.

She picks with such enthusiasm.

And finally, it was time for a dip in the pool. The girls were champs but it was pretty cold!

Kelly and I were lucky to squeeze in some Mother-Daughter time.

And Lilly was, of course, like a fish in the sea.

Such a sweetheart.

Grace got to play too!

Cam has a very lovely model face.

As does Haley haha.

Grace didn’t make a peep. She loves being in the water.

Even when she’s wrinkly blue and turning into a prune!

Finally utilized the 10 second timer on my camera. I was able to flying leap into the pool just in time to get in the picture.

Maybe now you will be inspired to try giving the loved ones in your life a special experience to remember forever. Happy (unofficial) farm day!

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One thought on “First Annual Farm Day {2012}

  1. One of the things that I love about your blog is how much you love being a mom. I’ve thought a lot about how I can encourage my girls to become happy, healthy, and confident women, but it never even crossed my mind to imagine what a “perfect” childhood would look like. Thank you for giving me something to think about!

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