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How-To: Gilded Birdhouse Jewelry Holder

I’m slowly compiling art and decor items for the girls new bedroom (read about that here).

This first project on my list comes to you courtesy of some very old and dusty wooden birdhouses that were in my parents basement. Most likely a forgotten childhood project, the birdhouses were perfectly usable and cute- I’m pretty sure they still sell the same ones at the crafts stores right now. Mine were free but they’re only a few dollars if you need to buy them new (price sticker still on the bottom of one of them says $5.88).

The other materials you need are gold spray paint ($6.99 regularly but if you wait for a 60% off coupon, you can get it for like $2.50), nails, paint brushes, and a few colors of bright Acrylic paint which I already had.

First, use a hammer to attach some nails around the houses. These will be your jewelry hooks. My littler girls only have bracelets right now so that’s what we’ll mostly be hanging. If you’ve got necklaces and such, you might want to hang the nails a little higher up on the houses so the necklaces won’t drape down too low.

Give the houses a nice solid coat of gold paint and let them dry.

Then use some small brushes to apply the Acrylic paint in varying patterns or designs. I like mostly circles so that seemed pretty easy. Start with the bright colors then layer on white and black.

Let them dry, and that’s it! Lovely gilded birdhouses ready for a little girls dream room. I think these will sit on the mantle above the fireplace (yes my girls room has a fireplace!) but I haven’t decided for sure. I’m hiding them for now, not going to show Lilly until the unveiling of her finished room.

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