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Begging Works: How To Get a Dollhouse Custom Made

Apparently no matter how old you get, or how much of an adult you claim to be, childlike begging produces big time results.

A few weeks ago I began harassing? begging? calmly asking my brother Nicholas to make this incredibly awesome dollhouse for the girls big Christmas present before he headed down to USC for his sophomore (but technically freshman) year of college. I pulled out the big guns throwing out useful phrases like, “best Uncle award” and “most talented brother ever” which we all know are just irresistible. My charming negotiating skills convinced him to get the job done which he did beautifully whilst also documenting his building project for my blogging benefit.

Here’s what Nick had to say about this little architectural endeavor:

A Simple Dollhouse

After a few weeks of my sister’s badgering and begging I finally got around to building her this dollhouse for my two little nieces, Lilly and Grace. The project is really simple, especially if you have any prior woodworking experience. The whole job can be done with hand tools, but a miter or table saw makes quick work of all the necessary cuts. Also this can be done without the right-angle clamps but they make it a lot easier, even if you only get one or two! Alternately, normal C clamps and a small wood block will work just as well.

Materials are also open to interpretation, I used cheap white pine from Home Depot, but a higher quality select pine or other wood will be just fine as well. Regardless of what you use make sure you check each board to ensure it is mostly free of knots and pits, and is not warped or bowed in any way. For my plan I needed two eight foot boards and one six foot board. This even left me a little wiggle room for a few re-cuts and scraps which can be very useful. Wood glue and finishing nails, and a hammer are the only other necessities for this project. Nailing the boards is not super critical, and realistically they are only serving a purpose until the glue dries. Fine gauge finishing nails (I used 2” nails) will not split the boards and there are no heads to work their way out or catch on little fingers.

The pictures should do most of the remaining explanation!

Just a note,  my diagram and my finished product differ a good bit. The first two floors are both 8” tall but I did not account for the thickness of the boards in cutting them to length, so the attic rooms are a lot shorter than intended and I had to re-cut the center divider to fit it in. Now it is on to my sister for painting, wallpaper, and play time!

And, good lord, you have no idea how excited I am to nail the backboard on, paint, wallpaper, and decorate this little gem. It’s going to be the most stylin’ dollhouse on the block. (I’m not sure where this is all coming from seeing as I was SO not into dolls as a little tyke…)

These two mini families will be inhabiting our dollhouse- found courtesy of the inspiration house as well. I actually showed Lilly a picture of the inspiration dollhouse when I first saw it and she had a tiny happiness induced seizure, a genetic trait she inherits from her Daddy, when she saw Olivia’s piggy family. She collects pigs so it’s only fitting. I also found Peppa’s family which is double perfect!

I’ve already started to gather little DIY miniature things I can turn into potted plants, mirrors, wall art, rugs, curtains etc. etc. I’m hoping my Mom still has this little make-your-own-miniatures book I had when I was a kid, you know, one of those “Kutz” kits or something.  Do you, Mom, do you??! Might be a little obsession going on here… but who cares? It’s not like I have anything else to do…wink!

Thanks Nick, you’re the best- the girls will so be dying over this in a few months.

***Check out my brother’s amazing photography at Nalbone Photography on Facebook.  He sells incredible prints as art, postcards, stationary etc. and also takes really breathtaking casual lifestyle photography as well- just check out some of my posts! His pictures of my girls are my absolute favorites. If you happen to be in the Columbia area, keep him in mind.***

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4 thoughts on “Begging Works: How To Get a Dollhouse Custom Made

  1. OMG, adorable!! Nick could sell these too! I just told my mom that I want to start working on my old dollhouse for Cam. We can trade ideas and cute finds!

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