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Wordy Wednesday: Counting Sheep

Every Wednesday I will post a great book for you and your child to read together. There will often be a simple craft or activity to go with it to further promote reading comprehension, vocabulary, and communication.

When I saw this book on display in a little boutique we walked into while on vacation, my heart sang. This sleep deprived Momma was happy.

Click here to purchase.

This is a really cute bedtime book that uses very rhythmic repetition as it’s main story element. I love that (especially at bedtime) because it seems to soothe and calm Lilly down. She listens very intently to the lyrical quality of the book and jumps, ever so slightly, at the surprise ending.

Have your child make the noises for each animal- kids love being a part of the story and helping to read it with you is fun! Never underestimate what your children are learning as you read aloud. This is one of the greatest opportunities available for your child’s early reading skills to blossom. They will anticipate the parts of the story that they know, visually recognize the words and get excited to say them aloud- even if they are only sounds at this point.

We also got our second Nancy Shaw Sheep book:

We already have Sheep in a Jeep and I’ve got my eye on Sheep on a Ship, Sheep in a Shop, Sheep Out to Eat, and Sheep Take a Hike for Christmas presents. I can recite Sheep in a Jeep from memory (and I’m reasonably sure Lilly can too) because it, too, has that rhythmic and rhyming quality that I like so much. I think those are two elements that make beginning to read so much fun for kids. Something about these books is enticing anyway- because Lilly is obsessed!

Sheep Trick or Treat is especially cute because the sneaky sheep allude the wolves by being dressed up for Halloween. Plus the treats each animal gives to the sheep are really funny- a dried up fly from the spider? Don’t worry, the sheep pass it bye.

Our craft today is pretty simple but definitely cute. Here’s the how-to for our sheep-themed project.

Sleepy Sheepy Handprints

Black construction paper

White cottonballs

White colored pencil



First, trace your child’s hand onto the black paper.  If they are old enough, have your child cut out their handprint as best they can. You can do this if your tots are still little.  Then dot the palm portion of their handprint with glue and help your child cover the area in white cotton balls.  Add an eyeball, mouth and ear with the white pencil on the middle of the thumb. Let dry for a few minutes.

Flip the sheep over and attach the string with tape to make a hanger.

Hang your sheep on the door of your child’s bedroom at bedtime. Tell them not to wake up sleepy sheep or he will be cranky! In the morning you can have your child wake up the sheep and hang him on the other side of the door. Lilly’s in love with this. She switches him at nap time too.

Sweet dreams. Hope you all are getting more sleep than I am!

Got a great kids book suggestion for my Wordy Wednesday posts? A family favorite that your child would like to make a craft about? Leave me a comment! We are always on the hunt for new books to read!

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2 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: Counting Sheep

  1. Thanks for linking up! We’ve added No Sleep for the Sheep to the Christmas list!!!

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